13 Truths You Need To Come To Terms With…

Posted: February 17, 2012 by williampower in Behavior Modification, Exercise, Myth Busting
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Im bbbaaaacccckkkk…with the facts to help you get your act back on track….lets get right into it…

Truth: the best way to start off in the gym is to have a goal. Dedicate yourself to the goal. Be consistent. It doesnt matter if your goal is to lose 100 lbs or to play for the Knicks (although playing for the Knicks might be easier since they are seemingly letting anyone play now a days…)

Truth: Im fairly confident when I say no one EVER, in the history of everdom (yes…everdom), has reached their goal by slowly pedaling on a recumbent bike while playing words with friends #stopit

Truth: most gyms have horrible music = only like 1 song out of every 10 actually belong in a gym and not in a country jamboree, a club in lower east side manhattan or playing in the background during a fight on Love and Hip Hop. Just bring your own music and chill with all that noise (no pun intended)

Truth: don’t fall for gimmicks…seriously the only way to really lose 10 pounds in 72 hours is by having really bad food poisoning (not recommended)

Truth: yes…every gym has an over enthusiastic trainer that needs to sit down somewhere #fact, every gym has an overenthusiastic member that makes a whole bunch of noise to make his lifting of 30lbs sound like hes military pressing 300lbs #fact, and yes every gym has that strange guy that lurks in the shadows…just when you think he’s not there…he pops up in the corner by the dumbbells with the Charlie Murphy look on his face #superfact

Truth: every gym has two types of members…those that actually wipe down machines and put weights back…and those that are the worst people on the planet…the ones who make you feel guilty about the ill will you find yourself wishing upon them.

Truth: “recovery energy bar with antioxidants and dark chocolate, the perfect after workout snack thats good and good for you” = chocolate bar on steroids

Truth: you should always beware of that guy in every gym that offers unsolicited advice, you know the one who looks flabby and sick but takes 45 min to tell you why you should be lifting like 100lbs over your max so that you can look like him

Truth: you can take 10 min abs, 20 min abs, bootcamp abs, burn baby burn abs, get ripped abs or you can try one that actually works…the stop eating pizza, pastries and popeyes abs…

Truth: if a gym class is going to be effective it has to be difficult, so if your relaxed and enjoying yourself you’re just in a big babysitting class for adults

Truth: its not practical to buy $150 dollar sneakers, $100 dollar tights and $5 voss waters to workout and then complain about how healthy food “costs so much”…”yea but you have them new Nike Max Airs doe…” #fail

Truth: thinking about going to the gym burns between 0 and 0 calories…per minute!!!!!! Thats crazy…

Truth: “a gym membership is alot like a marraige…if its good you show up committed and ready to put that work in…if its not, you show up in sweatpants and watch alot of bad tv” -j. gay

  1. Excellent post. I shared it on my twitter account.

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